Plastic Molding Industry


Materials With Muscle

The building and construction industry is the nation’s second-largest consumer of plastics. Only packaging creates more demand for plastic molding materials today. In the construction of all types of buildings – for pipes, valves and fittings, heavy-duty uses and decorative touches, inside and outside – plastics are building a reputation for durability, aesthetics, easy handling and high performance. plastic molding parts made in plastics, to make plastic molding products that need plastic mold in advance.

Hard at Work

In building construction, plastics abound in plumbing fixtures, siding, flooring, insulation, panels, doors, windows, glazing, bathroom units, gratings, railings and a growing list of both structural and interior or decorative uses.

For pipes, valves and fittings, plastics offer superior corrosion resistance and are lighter, easier to install, and more cost-effective than their alternatives. Impervious to chemicals and sulfur-bearing compounds, plastic piping safely transports everything from fresh water to salt water, and from crude oil to laboratory waste.

These qualities also have combined with plastics’ high strength-to-weight ratio to produce materials for bridge construction, including tough reinforcement rods, nonskid surfacing and quickly installed replacement decking.

For commercial buildings that contain sensitive electronic equipment, plastics can provide highly protective housing that does not interfere with radio frequency or magnetic waves.

From the home to the workplace – and maybe even on a bridge in between – plastics are on the job, to find plastic mold company to support you will be much easy to make plastics buildings and goods.

Making Themselves at Home

Changing demographics and the high cost of housing have created new Images of home for many Americans. These new Images, in turn, have created new trends, and these new trends have created new and additional uses of plastics in residential construction.

Many households today consist of single working people, small families and couples without children – people who often don’t need or can’t afford a large home. As a result, the current trend is toward smaller, less costly multifamily dwellings, such as townhouses and condominiums. While many of these buyers and renters are willing to do without the greater square footage of a traditional single-family home, they still expect comfort and convenience. This means better use of space, clever combining of rooms and features and reliance on plastics to give design flexibility at reduced costs. From the functionality of built-in shelving to the luxury of cultured marble surfaces, plastics can provide the materials.

Added Attractions

Trend forecasters also predict that families who do purchase single-family homes increasingly will opt for existing older homes, which they will refurbish to suit their needs. Here, too, plastics will play a major role, with replacement and improvement materials offering both functional and decorative benefits.

As families grow, homes age and tastes change, remodelling will be initiated. As this happens, contractors and do-it-yourselfers increasingly will turn to light, strong, easily handled plastics to make improvements and repairs, from ceiling tiles to advanced wiring and from modern bathroom fixtures to improved installation.

In building additions as well as new construction, plastic mold and plastic materials will continue to add speed, save energy and reduce costs. With plastics, for example, bathroom fixtures such as tubs, showers and sinks can be constructed in one piece – walls, pipes and all – and then hoisted into place and attached to the building frame, producing significant savings in construction and installation costs.

In the restoration of older homes, plastics can provide the best of both worlds: the duplication of yesterday’s beauty using today’s superior materials. Architectural touches such as a decorative wall, door and window moldings can be achieved that mimic marble or hand carvings but offer the ease of care and damage resistance only plastics can provide.

Plastics are expected to proliferate in all homes – large and small, new and renewed – for easily installed ceiling materials with excellent acoustic, thermal and fire-resistance qualities, lower-cost window frames that stand tough against the elements but need little maintenance and durable entry doors that offer superior insulation and unique beauty. From foundations to roofing and virtually everywhere in between, plastics increasingly will answer the call for building materials that hold up and stand out. want to know more information about plastics and plastic molds, you can go contact us.

Uses of Hair Clippers of hair styling tools

Cutting hair can be done in many ways as long as you have hair styling tools. Usually we use scissors to cut the length short. For the hair of women, to remove a few inches from the tip of the hair, a pair of sharp scissors will do the job. Men of the new millennium and those who have medium length hair use this to shorten their hair. This is very fundamental to hair styling. However, there are certain hairstyles that require the use of professional hair clippers. The reason is that it makes the job faster and it ensures that the right amount of hair is removed.

First, let it be clear that clippers are not razors. They may function like razors but they have a different mechanism. Barbers to attain uniform length in crop haired men commonly use them. The military also uses them and if you ever wonder, how they get to have same hairstyles. Well, we can credit it all to the use of electric hair clippers.

Some of the military haircuts that are commonly seen use this device. Below are just some of the common styles:

Crew cut- if you have not seen one well it is usually a kind of haircut, which leaves the top of the head with hair, that is relatively short. The back and side hair are tapered.
Flat tops- Have you seen Guile, which is one of the characters in Street Fighter? That is how it looks. So just as long as the hair on top remains elevated inches above the surface of the head and it is flat, shows exactly how this hair looks like.
Ivy League- This is the longer version of the crew cut. This hair style looks like crew cut only the front of the head get longer.
These are all of the military cuts that are effective with the use of clippers. They do this perfectly by adding guards or attachments to professional clippers.

There are also different brands hair styling toots.

Wahl hair clippers- They are the largest manufacturer of hair clippers in the world. According to, they use numbers to identify their attachments.
Oster hair clippers- According to, these brand of clipper is mainly used in the Military as they have devices that do not use electric vibrations rather it uses a motor to ensure that it stay cool despite the high number of instances that it is used. They have different blade classification from Wahl.

Definitely, there is a lot of room for the use of these devices in the hairstyle industry. They can also be used in certain hairstyles for women, especially when it gets shorter. Boy cut for women is not totally out and a lot still patronize this look like Rihanna or Pink. Hair clippers makes the nape clean and removes the hair effectively on that area. Scissors cannot be used to attain a smooth texture in that part as it takes a lot of skill to do it. They have also a different kind of precision when it comes to ensuring that the length of the cut is even. However, it takes a skilled stylist or barber to be able to use it.

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Hairdryer manufacturer in China

Electric gadget blowing hot air and used to dry the hair.

The decay of the quality and the magnificence of the hair due to continued drying is no longer to be demonstrated. The hair winds up being singed and the finishes get dry and parted. Along these lines, past its capacity to dry hair rapidly, the hairdryer is continually improving. Throughout the long term, it has been outfitted with various advancements to both limits the injury endured by the hair and the scalp during drying and to expand the excellence of the hair.


The acquisition of a hair (dryer) results from an everyday need, which can’t be discretionary. A genuine ordinary magnificence partner, this little sidekick is a gadget to find exhaustively, as significant as a decent cleanser or a brush. Direct your decision towards a hairdryer that absolutely compares to the utilization you need to make of it, while considering different rules. For sure, the decision can’t be made indiscriminately, it is fundamental to pick a gadget that has the extras and the ideal quality.

Hair dryer company

History of the hairdryer

By its life structures and its set of experiences, the hairdryer has gone through a genuine change since its creation toward the finish of the nineteenth century. From that period to now, the test has consistently been to enhance more, increasingly more to offer the overall population a quality gadget that meets the measures of the whole populace. A genuine test for creators and architects, driving them to accomplish increasingly more examination.

How does a hairdryer work?

Everybody realizes how to connect and begin a hairdryer by squeezing the “on”, “off” button. Be that as it may, the most ideal use is a touch more convoluted! The hairdryer permits you to do an entire bundle of various hairdos and strategies when you realize how to utilize it accurately and know every one of the potential prospects. To utilize the gadget at its best, it is important to take on a couple of reflexes of utilization. We will talk about every one of the perspectives to know, we will attempt to respond to every one of your inquiries throughout our works.

Life structures of a hairdryer

The instrument of the hairdryer is an exceptional component, the hairdryer is utilized in styling and is utilized to project a pretty much hot air current, yet what are the components that make it and how does every component permits the dissemination of hot air and cold air? Exhaustively, we will introduce each piece of the gadget to you to permit you to see it somewhat more unmistakably.

Hairdryer innovations

Because of various developments in the field as of late, hairdryers presently offer new advancements both for hairdryers expected for experts and for those planned for the overall population. It is conceivable that the costs are higher accordingly than the exemplary models. For this, know the nature of the gadget and the various advances.

Hairdryer diffusers

These brilliant adornments are things that can totally change the utilization of the hairdryer and the outcome. A great many people don’t have a clue how to go through it and end putting away it toward the rear of a cabinet. Serious mix-up! This little frill can change everything during the acknowledgment of your haircut or drying. It is put toward the finish of the hairdryer and permits to focus the air, yet additionally to accomplish various hairdos, for fine hair lacking volume, yet in addition and fundamentally for wavy hair lacking definition.

The capacity keys of a hairdryer

When purchasing a hairdryer, we give a ton of consideration to the general style of the item, to the cost, yet insufficient to the different elements of the gadget. The keys of the hairdryers are anyway significant measures to permit to adjust the force and drying time. Some keys are utilized more than others, remembering one for specific which can plainly make your life simpler by giving you a more drawn out hold …

Hairdryer engines

The unavoidable issue: which motor to support to have a gadget that holds the street and that won’t release us following a couple of months? Some are without a doubt more impressive than others, yet each enjoys its benefits and drawbacks. The vigor of the gadget might rely unequivocally upon this model of force and life expectancy. So guidance to brushing lovers, this article on the distinctive hairdryer engines is uniquely made for you!

How to use a hairdryer:

The hairdryer is a very common household appliance and in theory you just need to turn it on to dry your hair. In reality, however, not everyone uses the hair dryer properly. In fact, the function of the hairdryer is not limited to the drying of the hair, since this device is also very useful for giving the hair a fold that can make it beautiful to see. Obviously, if you have short hair, just a few strokes of the comb are enough to have your hair in order, but if, on the contrary, you have long hair, you need to follow some precautions to be sure that you are using the hairdryer in the best possible way. .

The first thing to do should be to prepare your hair for blow drying. To ensure that the hair is ready, the hair must be rinsed very well for a few minutes in order to eliminate any residual shampoo or conditioner with certainty. Once you have rinsed your hair, it is very important to wrap a towel over your head, possibly a terry towel, because it is a very absorbent material. The hair should not be rubbed but only towel-dried, using a second dry towel if the first gets too wet. Rubbing the hair, in fact, helps to create static electricity on the hair. Hair should only be damp before moving on to blow dry.

When the hair is just damp, you can proceed to a preliminary styling by combing it before turning on the hairdryer. In this case, you must be careful to use combs or brushes that are suitable for your hair type. After carrying out this operation it is necessary to make a distinction based on the type of hair you have. In practice, if you have curly hair it would be better to use the diffuser, which is an accessory that prevents the hair from swelling excessively. Furthermore, it is not even advisable to dry your hair upside down, again for the same reason. If, on the other hand, the hair is straight it is not necessary to have this type of precautions.

The hair dryer must be turned on so that it is always adjusted to the lowest temperature; if you are in a hurry you can also raise the temperature, but since excessive heat can ruin thin hair, it would always be better to organize yourself so as to take as long as necessary to dry your hair without using too high temperatures. Furthermore, it would always be better to try to avoid going out with the hair still hot from the passage of the hairdryer, especially in winter, in order not to create an excessive temperature change that would hurt the vertebrae of the neck as well as making the efforts made to have a fold useless. , because, for example, straight hair would tend to wrinkle.

The drying should be done starting from the nape and going down to the tip of the hair and not vice versa. If desired, you can also pass the brush along the hair following the movement of the hand with the hairdryer.
If you follow these simple tips you will always have the certainty of using the hair dryer in the right way and obtain excellent results that allow you to reduce visits to the hairdresser.


For those who love to wash their hair often, a good level hairdryer is essential not only in winter and not only for drying the hair: it is also a valid support for making hairstyles worthy of a salon. For this the purchase of a professional hairdryer can be particularly suitable.

Among the characteristics to be taken into consideration are the power and type of air flow of the appliance, as well as its weight and handling. The accessories in the package are also of considerable importance, aimed at ensuring the well-being of your hair.

Before launching into the purchase of any hairdryer, there are some details to consider and which I will now explain to you.


The power is important in the choice of which hairdryer buy and is measured in Watt .

To put it simply, more power = stronger air jet = little time to dry your hair without exposing it to extreme heat for too long.

A less powerful hair dryer will take longer to dry the hair. If you set the maximum power it will take a few minutes less but the hair will be “bombarded” by jets of very hot air that will damage it.

I advise you to choose a hairdryer with 1800-2000 Watts of power. If you have long hair you will immediately realize that with such a product it will take less time to dry the hair.

Ion technology

For the purchase of hair dryers it is important to know if the model you are interested in is equipped (or not) with ionic technology .

The hair dryer ion work as well: the air jet emitting contains negative ions that counteract the positive ions contained in the water by reducing the particles of the latter into pieces. Thus the drying process is much faster than normal and frizz is eliminated.

Ions are fantastic because they act close to the cuticle (outer covering) of the hair and remove all traces of moisture, making the hair smooth and shiny.

Then there are tourmaline hair dryers, which are even better than ion hair dryers. Tourmaline increases the number of negative ions in the air, improving the drying process even more.

Note : If you have straight hair, it is not worth buying an ion blow dryer as it may do more harm than good. A normal hair dryer is better to give volume to the hairstyle.


Another important factor in choosing a hairdryer is the material with which it is made.

The ceramic , for example, is used as protection of plastic or metal elements (or other internal parts) that are heated in the dryer. Thus the air jet, in the end, is delicate and the temperature always remains uniform.

The best choice is a hair dryer made with lightweight materials and also equipped with ion technology.


The titanium is an excellent material for the construction of the dryer because it allows the uniform distribution of heat and always keeps the temperature at a constant level.

Titanium hair dryers usually reach very high temperatures (and therefore take very little time to dry the hair) and are not suitable for damaged hair .


To dry long hair, you need to hold the hair dryer in place for a long time.

And after a while the arms start to hurt.

Professional hair dryers can have a lot of weight due to the powerful motor or structure they have.

Extra Features

The latest generation hair dryers – in addition to drying the hair – have additional functions, such as:

Cold air jet : by pressing a button the hot air jet becomes cold. To be used at the end of drying to define the hairstyle

Adjustable heat : useful for working on any type of hair. Using a low level of heat allows you to finish the drying process without damaging the hair

Accessories : The best blow dryers in the box include useful tools like the diffuser (for working on curly hair) or the nozzle (for smoothing hair and eliminating frizz)


Keep in mind that the hairdryer is not just any purchase, it is an investment .

I advise you to take a product that costs a little more since you will have to use it often and then it also lasts a long time over the years.

Professionals believe that professional hair dryers are essential for keeping hair beautiful and healthy.

The high-end models, then, have a lot of additional features and also feature ion technology to eliminate frizz.

The hair dryers that I have included in this table below are the best around: they are simple to use, they are effective and they work for years.

When buying a hair dryer , many factors must be taken into account, including first and foremost the health of our hair , in addition of course to the type of performance and power offered! What is the difference, for example, between an ion hair dryer or one with ceramic inserts ? And which one is best for us? Is it possible to have professional performance and practicality in a travel hairdryer ? For the answer to this and other common doubts about how to choose this tool, you just have to keep reading ;-)!

We would like to underline how much this choice must be made in view of the well-being of the hair , which are of different  types and thicknesses  for each and which, therefore, often require different attention.

The hairdryer , being however an instrument that emits a jet of air at high temperatures, can, with incorrect use, even damage not only the hair, but also the scalp , which in turn is very sensitive to thermal stress!

An irritated and stressed skin produces brittle and weaker hair or… stops producing it. And there is no mask or cream that can save us from a hair made up of burnt and dried hair from a poor or badly used hair dryer . In short: we are talking about something that can really change things, up there on our heads!

During drying, hair loses ions, which helps make it appear dry and brittle.

Nowadays, however, it is possible to buy  hair dryers that restore these ions, which are very suitable for those with frizzy or not very shiny hair .

The ions emitted by these hair dryers , which are negative, not only, in fact, reduce static electricity  but, during drying, also contribute to breaking down the particles of water, making sure that the excess evaporates, leaving the hair free. to hydrate by taking in the water they need!

The hair dryer ion is also for this very fast when drying and as a result, is very suitable for those who have many hair  or have them very long!

The materials with which a hairdryer is made are decisive for a successful drying and for its final appearance! Now, in the shops, you can also find  hair dryers whose grill (located inside the end from which the air is emitted) is coated in materials such as tourmaline and ceramic , which prove to be excellent for reducing and preventing potential damage that the heat jet could have on the hair.

The tourmaline , in fact, generates a number of negative ions very consistent, allowing the hair to dry 70% faster than the use of a plastic or metal classic hair dryer, as well as make them more bright and soft! The ceramic , however, is great to distribute evenly the ‘ hot air , thus maintaining a constant temperature and avoiding to act too aggressively.

In addition, there are  tourmaline or ceramic coated hair dryers on the market also equipped with ion technology , enhancing the benefits of both these characteristics!

Hairdryer company:

Available there are various makers that arrangement with the creation and offer of hairdryers of various quality and value range. For what reason is it critical to pick a brand that is known and trusted? Clearly for the assurance of the acquisition of a hairdryer that isn’t just effective yet that can likewise be protected, on account of the nature of the materials used to deliver it and the cautious hand of the master specialized workforce.

Moreover, ponder the way that depending on a far and wide and notable organization is likewise a benefit for the after-deals administration, both to discover spare parts and to contact the customer help administration, should it be essential.

The ideal decision would hence be to try not to surrender to the impulse to purchase an absolutely obscure item yet consistently allude to eminent brands, some of which have stood apart for quite a long time for the creation of value hairdryers and for the consideration paid to their buyers.

Hairdryer manufacturer in China:

You are currently searching for the company information that matches the hair dryer. You can directly click on the list of suppliers and factories that match the hair dryer to browse the manufacturer’s detailed information. If you can’t find the company information about the hair dryer, you can also use the product search method to directly find the product information or product category supplied by the manufacturer of the hair dryer.

Even before deciding on the types of products you want to sell on your website, it’s not a bad idea to understand how the wholesale supplier system works.

But what is this:

It is not a well-structured system at all. This is a large number of random suppliers distributed all over the world. Some of them are great, while others are not.

Not long ago, almost no website organized a list of suppliers, which made it difficult for retailers to find the best suppliers .

In online, you can before making a decision to search what types of products popular what to sell . In addition, it allows you to filter products, view product appearance, find pictures and find detailed supplier information.

Once you have decided on a niche market, it’s time to understand exactly the types of suppliers available. Experienced e-commerce professionals will tell you the horror stories they encountered with wholesale suppliers, so this is a very important topic.

In general, you are trying to work with reputable suppliers who are able to deliver on time, provide reliable connections, and provide you with some of the benefits of working with them.

Some e-commerce stores can choose large suppliers in places like China, but sometimes a unique brand (such as a brand that sells vintage clothing or furniture) will have to choose a niche local supplier.

In any case, your goal is to find the best, and this is what we are going to discuss today.

Find and cooperate with the best wholesale suppliers

Your first step is to write down the way you want to fulfill your orders . Some companies try dropshipping , which means that the supplier is responsible for everything including storage, packaging and shipping to the customer.

Another option is self-actualization or partial self-actualization, where your company stores the product in a warehouse and ships it to customers. This is much more expensive, but you can better control the transportation process.

Finally, we have one of the most popular fulfillment methods today, which involves working with third-party fulfillment companies. The most relevant example is Amazon fulfillment, where you can send all products to a company like Amazon and have them store and ship.

The reason why your fulfillment process is so important in the first place is that you need to know whether the supplier can provide this type of fulfillment. For example, many suppliers are more than happy to sell you products at wholesale prices and send them directly to your company. However, finding a supplier with the following characteristics can be a bit tricky to dropshipping products.

If you’re looking for a list of dropshipping suppliers, you might want to visit article best-selling styles Drop Shipping Company .

Therefore, we recommend that you always keep this in mind.

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The best platform to find suppliers for your online store

Although we also recommend attending trade shows and conducting your own research on Google, these are the best places to find and collaborate with well-known suppliers online.

If you are looking for a dropshipping wholesale supplier , we suggest you start checking out International brand

Visit article best-selling styles Dropshipping Company expanded list and more information!

K Show ‘Clearly Exceeded Expectations’: Messe Düsseldorf

The positive market trend detected during the run-up to the world’s biggest plastics and rubber industry trade fair also characterized K 2010 itself and made for an excellent mood among the 3,102 exhibitors in Düsseldorf. Serious new contacts, a marked willingness among visitors to invest, and many business deals were reported.

“K 2010 was held at the right point in time and has provided all areas of our industry with new impetus,” was the verdict of Ulrich Reifenhäuser, chairman of the Exhibitor Council for K 2010. “The many, and sometimes quite unexpectedly specific, contract negotiations entered into at the trade fair speak for themselves!”

Delighted by the good results, Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, CEO and president of Messe Düsseldorf, said that the registration of more than 220,000 trade visitors to the show “clearly exceeded expectations in the sector, given the crisis now finally drawing to an end.”

Continued Dornscheidt: “We are very satisfied that the trade fair succeeded in providing strong impetus for further growth and that our exhibitors were able to do business with numerous international customers of high decision-making competence.”

Compared to the previous event in 2007 visitor attendance was down by nine percent. But then the industry was in a boom phase, which came to a sudden end soon after as a result of the global economic and financial crisis.

Trade visitors from more than 100 countries at K clearly conveyed the fact that an investment backlog had formed during the global economic crisis and that growing global demand for materials and technologies is rising. The innovations introduced at the fair stimulated the placement of orders.

Close to 60% of K visitors came from outside Germany, and 46% of these international guests originated outside of Europe, intensifying a trend. The Indian subcontinent again accounted for the largest share of Asian visitors. Substantial increases in the number of trade visitors from Turkey and Israel also were registered.

For roughly two-thirds of visitors, custom machinery and equipment building were of primary interest in ranges. Nearly half were strongly interested in raw materials and auxiliaries, and 26% cited semifinished products and technical plastics and rubber components as a major reason for their attendance.

K 2010 received high marks from visitors for the calibre of products on display in the 19 exhibition halls. Indeed, 97% of the professional experts said they fully achieved the aims of their visit.

Mastercam X Is Released

Those waiting for the release of Mastercam X CAD/CAM software can relax. The latest version of the Windows-based milling, turning, electrical discharge machining, modelling, and routing package was officially issued on August 15. The software is developed by US-based CNC Software and distributed in Europe by InterCAM Deutschland GmbH.

Users will see many significant changes from earlier releases in Mastercam X. So much of the software was enhanced that the manufacturer’s QC and usability processes took significantly longer than usual during development. But the extensive testing, though delaying release, has made the CAD/CAM tool much better, in the view of the developers. Throughout beta testing, the manufacturer made numerous changes in response to tester feedback. These were determined to improve flow and ease of use.

Planning and development has already begun for the first maintenance release of Mastercam X. The manufacturer’s intention is to offer regular, timely software releases in the future, and to deliver useful tools on a regular basis.

Hardinge-Bridgeport Sets Out Details of New European Strategy

A major reorganization of the operational strategy of Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd. and Hardinge-Bridgeport will see the UK operations of Hardinge-Bridgeport in Leicester become the hub for coordination of all of the company’s milling machine activities throughout the world. Meanwhile, Hardinge Machine Tools in Exeter will continue to have responsibility for turning and grinding products offered to the UK and Irish markets. The latter entity will also control the activities of Hardinge Machine Tools B.V. in the Netherlands.

Pat Ervin, chairman, president, and CEO of Hardinge Inc., commented: “The highly successful acquisition of Bridgeport Machines in November 2004 and an extremely positive reaction from customers to the way the two businesses were integrated so quickly has led to a resurgence of sales and a current order backlog of almost 130 machines.” Merging European operations through the UK was logical, he said, as it would enable the US headquarters of Hardinge to focus on global manufacture.

Heading European operations is now the joint responsibility of Bob Duxbury, managing director of Hardinge Machine Tools in Exeter, and George Brasseur, the Hardinge Group’s European business development managing director. David Andrew continues as sales director of the UK market but also become responsible for marketing across Europe the group’s turning, milling, and workholding product ranges.

Another highlight of the reorganization is the opening this month of a 1,000-m² Hardinge-Bridgeport showroom and technical centre in Krefeld, Germany. The site is earmarked to be the company’s European Centre of Excellence for hard turning applications.

Ervin expects annual European sales of the group’s machine tools to begin to surpass 1,000 units starting in 2006. The growing success of Viper grinding processes in the aerospace sector and of workholding products globally also strengthens Hardinge’s business position for the long term, he believes.

The National Centre for Contact with Working Life for the Promotion of the Natural Sciences and Technology (RENATE) in Norway, which was founded by that nation’s Ministry of Education and Research, has committed to purchase up to 30,000 licenses of SolidWorks® Education Edition software to teach engineering fundamentals to more than 60,000 junior high school and high school students and thus reinvigorate Norway’s manufacturing industry. RENATE relies on ProNor, a local reseller authorized by SolidWorks Corp., for ongoing software training, implementation, and support.

Starting in Fall 2006, some 1,300 schools across Norway will begin to teach 3D computer-aided design (CAD) to students aged 14 to 18. The strong math and science focus of the programme will integrate lessons in 3D mechanical design skills to help the students cultivate an interest in possible design and engineering careers at an early age. This fall, RENATE will begin a staff development programme for teachers at each of the participating schools on how to use and teach SolidWorks.

RENATE’s mission is to strengthen education in mathematics, natural sciences, and technology throughout the country. Its Technology and Design programme seeks to attract students to engineering careers and bolster the skilled engineering profession, which has been languishing.

“The number of students that have abandoned bachelor’s degrees in engineering has increased in the past 10 years because students have complained about the curriculum being dull,” said RENATE centre director Odd Lauritzen.

After evaluating several CAD packages, RENATE chose SolidWorks partly because its short learning curve allows high school students to quickly understand product design principles so they can begin honing their 3D skills in just a few days. “Rather than being frustrated by trying to learn difficult software, they’ll be quickly rewarded with beautiful 3D models that they can visualize, modify, and perfect,” noted Lauritzen.

RENATE chose SolidWorks also because it is the preferred design tool in many manufacturing facilities throughout Norway and the Nordic region.

Calling the Technology and Design programme a far-reaching initiative with a bold mission, Michel Gros, SolidWorks executive vice president for Europe, said, “We applaud Norway’s decision to take this proactive step to realign its science, math, engineering, and technology disciplines at the secondary school level. This commitment to modern teaching and learning will have an enduring impact on Norway’s economic future.”

Zimmer + Kreim Issues New Full-Line Catalogue at EMO

Machines and software, solutions and details, modules and possibilities—all these are presented in full in the new product catalogue from Zimmer + Kreim GmbH & Co. KG,which was released at the September machine tool fair EMO 2005. The sectioning of the catalogue makes clear to potential customers that they are dealing with a systems company that strives for flexibility in automation.

The new Zimmer + Kreim catalogue showcases state-of-the-art technology for mould and tool construction, including not only single high-capacity machines but also complete manufacturing systems. Quality assurance, which is of course essential to tool and mould makers, is the central theme of the catalogue.

“It was our goal to present our complete portfolio in one compendium which covers the business areas of cavity-sinking machines, handling systems, and software solutions,” said Wolfgang Emert, head of marketing at Zimmer + Kreim. He went on to point out that catalogue users can read about everything the company has developed so far and also catch up on the latest technological possibilities.

Zimmer + Kreim specializes in the areas of cavity-sinking EDM machinery, automated material-handling systems, and software-based machining-job management systems.

October Date Set for BI-MU 2004 Machinery Trade Show in Milan

One of Europe’s biggest-ever machinery trade shows will be coming to Italy October 1–6, 2004, when the Milan Fairgrounds hosts the 24th edition of BI-MU. This biennial event, held in even-numbered years, alternates with EMO, the international trade fair for machine tools and systems, thereby offering continuity to advances in the machinery industry. BI-MU is promoted by UCIMU-Sistemi per Produrre, the association of Italian machine tool, robots, and automation manufacturers.

The 23rd edition of BI-MU, held in 2002, attracted 122,000 visitors to Milan from five continents. Nearly 2,000 companies participated, including 1,372 exhibitors occuping 94,000 m²of exhibition space. The contingent from outside Italy consisted of 973 companies from 36 countries.

New initiatives and more substance are planned to further increase the show’s appeal. Once again, BI-MU will be colocated with SFORTEC, the world’s leading trade fair for components, structural machining and global service subcontracting. There will also be specialized shows for welding, dies and molds, as well as a conference on quality control.

Information on the show’s website ( is constantly updated. The site also gives access to the electronic version of the exhibitor catalogue hosted on the ExpoPage website, as created by the Milan Trade Fair District and by the organizers of the main show.

Hardinge Buys Bridgeport; Will Maintain Bridgeport Brand and Sales

Hardinge, a leading global machine tool company with annual sales in excess of $200 million, has announced that it has acquired the major assets of the well-known British machine tools manufacturer Bridgeport Machines Ltd., which had gone into receivership. As a result, 62 Bridgeport employees in the UK and the Netherlands have joined the Hardinge Group. The Bridgeport brand will continue, and Hardinge says it will work to ensure continuity to Bridgeport’s existing customers.

The Bridgeport brand will be added to Hardinge’s existing portfolio of brands, which includes Hardinge high-precision lathes, Kellenberger and Tschudin cylindrical grinding machines, Hauser jig grinding machines, Tripet internal grinding machines, and Hardinge collets, chucks, indexing fixtures, and other industrial products.

Hardinge has had a business relationship with Bridgeport since 2002, when it began manufacturing Bridgeport’s knee mill products in the USA. Now Hardinge has acquired Bridgeport’s intellectual property rights, as well as its sales and support services division. This is expected to significantly increase Hardinge’s presence in the vertical and horizontal machining center market. Hardinge sales outlets around the world will have access to Bridgeport’s knee mill products, for example.

Said Bob Duxbury, managing director of Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd., at the time of the announcement: “Bridgeport has an excellent reputation and brand in the marketplace, and we are excited by this acquisition and the opportunities available by adding the Bridgeport brand to our portfolio. In the long term we believe that we can grow Bridgeport’s sales, just as we have with our existing brands.”

J. Patrick Ervin, president and CEO of Hardinge Inc. in the United States, added: “We are excited to continue the tradition of the Bridgeport name and to provide worldwide customers with uninterrupted service and spare-parts support for the large installed base of Bridgeport machines. In England and Holland, we will be adding 62 knowledgeable, dedicated, and hard-working people to our organization. We are glad to have them as part of the Hardinge team.”

Ervin continued, “We will continue to look for opportunities to expand our product lines and global reach in the machine tool market. Hardinge’s growth strategy was started over a decade ago, and we remain committed to being a consolidator of valuable brands and operations in our industry.”

Hardinge Inc. (NASDAQ: HDNG) founded more than 100 years ago, is an international leader in providing the latest industrial technology to companies requiring material-cutting solutions. The company designs and manufactures CNC metal-cutting lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, collets, chucks, indexing fixtures, and other industrial products. It has manufacturing operations in the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, and China, and distributes machines in all major industrialized countries.

Georg Fischer Sets Strategy for Success in Recovering Economy

At the company’s March annual general meeting, the shareholders of Georg Fischer AG approved all proposals of the board of directors, elected a new board member, and approved the 2002 annual report. In 2002 Georg Fischer reinforced its market position in a difficult environment and focused successfully on implementing its strategy.

Dr. Kurt Stirnemann was elected to the board, replacing Martin Huber as board delegate and chief executive officer. Huber now serves as chairman of the board. The other seven directors are Dr. Hannes Goetz, vice chairman, Prof. Gertrud Höhler, Prof. Roman Boutellier, Flavio Cotti, Ulrich Graf, Bruno Hug, and Gerold Bührer. Also effective as of the March meeting, Dr. Jürg Krebser took over as president of the Georg Fischer manufacturing technology group (Agie Charmilles) and Yves Serra became president of the piping systems group.

Its withdrawal from the plant engineering business and the value adjustment made on the stake in Coperion resulted in a net loss for Georg Fischer of Fr 20 million in 2002. Although sales declined by 11%, the company maintained or, in some areas, increased its market share. The far-reaching measures taken to cut costs in no way impaired its strength or momentum. Georg Fischer is ready to benefit quickly and powerfully from an economic recovery.