Uses of Hair Clippers of hair styling tools

Cutting hair can be done in many ways as long as you have hair styling tools. Usually we use scissors to cut the length short. For the hair of women, to remove a few inches from the tip of the hair, a pair of sharp scissors will do the job. Men of the new millennium and those who have medium length hair use this to shorten their hair. This is very fundamental to hair styling. However, there are certain hairstyles that require the use of professional hair clippers. The reason is that it makes the job faster and it ensures that the right amount of hair is removed.

First, let it be clear that clippers are not razors. They may function like razors but they have a different mechanism. Barbers to attain uniform length in crop haired men commonly use them. The military also uses them and if you ever wonder, how they get to have same hairstyles. Well, we can credit it all to the use of electric hair clippers.

Some of the military haircuts that are commonly seen use this device. Below are just some of the common styles:

Crew cut- if you have not seen one well it is usually a kind of haircut, which leaves the top of the head with hair, that is relatively short. The back and side hair are tapered.
Flat tops- Have you seen Guile, which is one of the characters in Street Fighter? That is how it looks. So just as long as the hair on top remains elevated inches above the surface of the head and it is flat, shows exactly how this hair looks like.
Ivy League- This is the longer version of the crew cut. This hair style looks like crew cut only the front of the head get longer.
These are all of the military cuts that are effective with the use of clippers. They do this perfectly by adding guards or attachments to professional clippers.

There are also different brands hair styling toots.

Wahl hair clippers- They are the largest manufacturer of hair clippers in the world. According to, they use numbers to identify their attachments.
Oster hair clippers- According to, these brand of clipper is mainly used in the Military as they have devices that do not use electric vibrations rather it uses a motor to ensure that it stay cool despite the high number of instances that it is used. They have different blade classification from Wahl.

Definitely, there is a lot of room for the use of these devices in the hairstyle industry. They can also be used in certain hairstyles for women, especially when it gets shorter. Boy cut for women is not totally out and a lot still patronize this look like Rihanna or Pink. Hair clippers makes the nape clean and removes the hair effectively on that area. Scissors cannot be used to attain a smooth texture in that part as it takes a lot of skill to do it. They have also a different kind of precision when it comes to ensuring that the length of the cut is even. However, it takes a skilled stylist or barber to be able to use it.

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