Hair styling iron

tips on how to use Hair styling iron

It’s pretty common for women to have used a Hair styling iron at least once to style their hair. With the arrival of new models, people have been discovering new ways to use their hair irons and create styles to boost their appearance. So whether you’ve owned a hair iron for years without knowing how to use it, or you’ve just bought your first one, here’s a set of tips and tricks to discover your iron’s true potential.

Tip/ Trick number one: finding the perfect Hair styling iron for you. Those with longer, thicker or coarser hair need a Hair styling iron with larger plates up to 3 inches in width. However, if you have short, thin or fine hair than look into hair irons with smaller plates, around one inch in width.

Tip/ Trick number two: Hair styling irons can be used for so much more than simple straightening out hair. As well as creating a smooth, sleek look, you can also make flips, waves and curls depending on how much time you have and the mood you’re in.

Tip/ Trick number three: When you’re ready to start styling, make sure your hair styling iron is heated properly. It’s really important to style clean hair, since hair that’s unwashed or still covered in styling products can make a bit of a mess by sticking to the hair iron and causing damage to your locks. So after washing and conditioning your hair (and maybe applying a nice thermal styling product for heat protection) you can begin to style. Just remember that your hair needs to be completely dry before doing so!

Tip/ Trick number four: Now, down to business! Once your hair is dry and free of tangles you can section some of it off for styling. Make sure you keep sections small as the hair styling iron can work more efficiently over these areas and distribute heat evenly. Some women often use their hair irons over sections that are too large and become frustrated when the heat isn’t properly distributed, leading to more time going over the same parts of hair.

Tip/ Trick number five: After selecting a section to work on, be sure to press the hair styling iron plates down on the hair as close to the scalp as you can without burning yourself. It’s important that you use steady, even pressure when moving the appliance through your hair, moving all the way down the length of the section until you obtain the desired result. Now all you have to do is repeat the process until all of your hair is styled!

Once you practice and style at a continuous rate with your hair styling iron, it will become easier for you to get the look you want. You’ll find that having a hair iron has opened a new door to a whole world of styling possibilities!

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