Orycon Control Takes On Europe with New Sales Agent in Switzerland

Suma Consulting of Benken (SG), Switzerland, is the new Swiss sales agent for Orycon Control Technology Inc. Orycon plans to add additional sales and technical offices in strategic European locations in the near future.

Orycon has distinguished itself in the United States as a manufacturer of high-precision, high-reliability, and user-friendly hot runner systems.

“I believe that we are long overdue in entering the European market,” says Sal Benenati, president of Orycon. “We can offer hot runners that are easier to use, more reliable, and more competitively priced. As a company, we have 23 years of hot runner experience, and many of our innovations have been adopted by other suppliers around the world.

“I know that our entry will have a positive impact in the European mould making industry.”