Applied Graphene Materials Announces Amec Foster Wheeler As Its Prefered Engineering Partner

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This week, Applied Graphene Materials have made a decision on who will be its prefered engineering partner. The company are pleased to announce that they have appointed Amec Foster Wheeler.

Amec Foster Wheeler have already been given a contract from Applied Graphene Materials which outlines exactly what it expect from its engineering partner. The contract states that Amec Foster Wheeler will provide engineering support to help with the FEED contract. FEED, for those that are not currently aware, stands for pre-Front End Engineering Design.

This is the second time that Amec Foster Wheeler had been in the news recently. Earlier this month the company announced that it was to make huge cost savings by the year 2017. The company stated that they were hoping to save at least one hundred and eighty million united states dollars.

Nick-shortenThe Managing Director for Capital Projects & Asset Management at Amec Foster Wheeler, Nick Shorten announced to the press how pleased the company are that they have been selected. He said that Amec Foster Wheeler is excited to deliver solutions to Applied Graphene Materials. He further explained that the skills and expertise that Amec Foster Wheeler can bring will allow the company to develop new technology. This is an exciting time for both Amec Foster Wheeler and Applied Graphene Materials.

Amec Foster Wheeler has a solid track record in working with proprietary technology providers. In the past, when working with this market, Amec Foster Wheeler have undertaken studies and developed groundbreaking solutions for a range of companies.

As well as working on the FEED contract, Amec Foster Wheeler will be responsible for providing engineering recommendations. Applied Graphene Materials are currently working on the proprietary process and engineering recommendations from Amec Foster Wheeler could be key to its success.

Whilst in a testing period, Applied Graphene Materials have created high purity graphene nanoplatelets. By basing these on readily available raw materials, Applied Graphene Materials have ensure that its nanoplatelets are sustainable.

In previous projects, Applied Graphene Materials have heavily relied on materials such as graphite. So, this new project is completely new territory for the company.

Amec Foster Wheeler is a British company that provides engineering and project management consultancy services to companies across the globe. Headquartered in London, England, it predominantly focuses on the oil and gas sector, but the company also work in the clean energy, minerals and metals, infrastructure and environment markets.

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Scotland’s engineering sector has suffered tremendously recently. They have not only seen a deep decline in output volumes and incoming export business but, the sector has also seen a huge fall in new orders. This has been put down to both the strong english pound and the current worries in the oil and gas industry. But, unfortunately that is not the only thing that the Scottish engineering sector has to worry about.

Scottish Engineering

A new survey was released by Scottish Engineering recently which also showed that the oil and gas industries workforce was taking a hit.
The survey which is released every three months showed that the low price of oil is starting to have an impact on those that work in the oil and gas industries. This includes those companies that produce equipment and components in the oil and gas sector too. Initially the oil crisis was just affecting oil companies directly, now it seems to be spreading to those that work alongside the oil companies too.

The Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering Bryan Buchan said: “This is a significant issue for many of our member companies, who are not directly involved in extraction on the UKCS (UK Continental Shelf), but who over the years have developed expertise in manufacture of components and equipment for the major players who are now radically curtailing their activities.”
He continued by sharing his opinion that the price of oil will stay low for a while. This opinion is currently widely expressed by a number of senior executives in the oil and gas industry.

lord veirBryan Buchan also commented about the impact the strong english pound is having on companies within the Scottish engineering industry. The strength of the sterling pound means engineering organisations in the United Kingdom are less competitive than organisations overseas.
The survey by Scottish Engineering also showed that the industry was also experiencing a slump when it comes to orders from both the UK and incoming export business.

In fact, only twenty three per cent of engineering organisations based in Scotland experienced an increase in orders over the last three month period. A whopping forty four per cent experienced a fall in orders and the remaining stayed the same.
The organisation behind the surveys are expecting another fall in orders over the next survey in three months. But, they do expect the pace of the decline to slow slightly.

The report showed that only twenty six per cent of engineering companies based in Scotland increased their staffing levels. Unfortunately twenty seven per cent reduced their employee levels and the rest kept the same number of staff.
Worryingly for engineers in the oil and gas industry, this is actually the third time in a row in which the survey has noted a fall in employee numbers. But, it is not all doom and gloom, these declines have been modest.

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