Tips for you to verify Chinese companies

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When going into business especially with any company, it is very important that you check and confirm the credibility of the company or otherwise you might end up doing business with a scammer in which case you will most likely end up disappointed.

Here are some tips that will help you verify the credibility of Chinese companies:

  1. Does the company have a registered corporate number?

In China, once a company has been evaluated and confirmed to be legitimate by the government, the company is then registered and issued with a unique corporate registration number which uniquely identifies the business. It is therefore important that when you are verifying a company, ask for the corporate registration number confirm with the Chinese Local bureau of industry and commerce that the number is in fact valid. That way, you can keep safe from scammers who might use invalid corporate numbers.


  1. Does the company have a website?

All legitimate companies have fully functioning and legitimate websites. Some scam companies may however try to trick you that their website is under construction or they are still in the process of setting up one. Do not fall for this trick. Unless they have a credible website, there is a very high probability that they are scammers.

  1. Ensure the company has a bank account.

Legitimate companies have business bank accounts. That means that any payments that you are supposed to make should strictly be made through the business accounts. Therefore, if you find a company that wants you to make payments through personal bank accounts, you might want to re-check the credibility of that Chinese company. In essence, the rule is simple: no personal bank accounts!

  1. Verify the company-contact information and address provided

Most Chinese companies will provide you with their contact information once you show interest in their services and/or products. It is important for you to verify that the contact information is actually true and working. These may include e-mails, telephone number, location address and so forth. Ensure that the contacts are fully functioning and that the stated location of the company’s location is true.

--File--Visitors look at a stand of ZTE during a fair in Beijing, China, 30 September 2011. Low-priced smartphones from companies like Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. are finally starting to become more common in China, a shift that will unlock a new market for traditionally expensive smartphones and boost competition for foreign devices like Apple Inc.s iPhone. Huawei and ZTE have released a number of smartphones priced at around 1,000 yuan ($157). Their low pricing is helping them carve out a chunk of the market that is largely beyond the reach of vendors like Apple, Taiwans HTC Corp. and Samsung.(Imaginechina via AP Images)

  1. General company information

Perhaps, the best and the most overlooked way of verifying the company is doing a personal background check of the company. In the internet age, this has been simplified. Look up the company on the internet, check its history and its review from past clients and its credibility. This information is essential and it will greatly help you in filtering off the scammers.

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car pollutionWith the rising population and growing economies the transport sector is faced with number of challenges like increasing number of vehicles on the roads, high fuel consumption, need for alternative fuels for use in the transport vehicles and more important the adverse impact on the environment. Almost all the major cities in all the countries face the challenge to meet the growing need for transport vehicles in the cities. The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing every year resulting in traffic jams, rising air pollution more accidents. Some of the major cities of the world like Delhi in India, San Ramon in California in USA, the city of the most famous project ‘The Silicon Valley Project’ and London in UK are experiencing the rising number of vehicles on the roads.

Government in some of the countries are forced to take immediate remedial steps to replace the petrol and diesel run vehicles by vehicles run on CNG fuel. The problem is becoming more serious in major cosmopolitan cities due to continuous inflow of people from other cities for various reasons like increased job opportunities, opportunities for business and trade and abundant educational facilities. This has made it essential to disperse the offices and commercial centers, hospitals and other day to day facilities to different locations throughout the cities thus increasing distances to travel. Due to rising cost of living in the metropolitan cities, a large number workforce lives in satellite cities and travels every day to the metropolitan cities for work adding to the number of transport vehicles on the road.

gas running busesAccording to a report by Hexagon Composites, there is rising demand for the natural gas-powered buses and commercial trucks across developed economies around the world due to low prices for CNG gas. The cost of natural-gas fuels in North America is about 40 percent lower than diesel, per diesel gallon equivalent. Composites Forecasts and Consulting (Mesa, AZ, US) brought out in its study in 2013 that high-pressure gas storage vessels is going to be one of the fastest-growing markets for construction of types of pressure vessels representing global sales of more than US$2 billion. Bulk transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG) products, and fuel storage in passenger cars, buses and trucks with powertrains dependent on CNG and hydrogen alternatives to gasoline and diesel are going to be the main market potentials for the composite-reinforced pressure vessels.

Composites Forecasts and Consulting reported the number of natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVS) in the world at around 10 million five years back. These NGVs included cars, trucks, buses, and fork-lift vehicles. This number became more than 20 million by the year 2013 and is expected to be more than more than 65 million by the year 2023. Major junk of these NGVs (94 percent) are likely to be fitted with high-pressure fuel storage systems.

pressure vesselThere is great opportunity for the manufacturers of high pressure vessels to meet the growing market demand. Along with the large opportunities in the future market for the high pressure vessels, the high pressure vessel manufacturers have lots of challenge to remain competitive in the market. Adoption of latest materials, latest technologies and manufacturing processes are going to be crucial for remaining competitive. It is the quality, cost and availability of the high pressure vessels which will decide a place for the high pressure vessel manufacturers in the competitive market.

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